Latest Testimonials

"It was like a miracle. My little boy no longer cries ......I simply can’t live without the product "

- Michele Triegaardt

"After 2 weeks the results spoke for themselves - I had skin like a baby again. This stuff really works"

- Bruce Thomas

"Your cream is amazing - I can't believe how good it is".

- Rachel Geddes

About Us

pacific palmsAlgola is an Australian operated and owned business in Pacific Palms, on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Our seaweed is sourced from some of the most unpolluted, pristine blue/green waters that Australia has to offer. The seaweed is harvested off the West Coast of Tasmania Australia, Patagonia and Pacific Palms.

All our other ingredients are natural, organic, and sourced from farms across Australia.

How It Came About

Owner, James Lawson, considers himself to be a committed conservationist of marine habitats. His affinity with the ocean began as a young boy growing up and surfing on the beautiful coastlines of Pacific Palms and the surrounding areas on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia.

Whilst living in Indonesia in 1994 on his first overseas surfing expedition and completing several return trips back to the islands over the next 18 years, James became interested in the harvesting and extraction methods of seaweed used by the locals. The abundant medicinal and healing properties of the local seaweed were obvious and respected by the local Indonesians and their counterparts in neighbouring Asian Countries.

James became intrigued by the oceans natural resource and began a long journey into the research and development of Algola seaweed skin care products. In May 2008, James started developing his first ever skincare products as a mother’s day present for his mother who suffered from dry, irritated, scaly and flaking skin. The results were almost immediate. His mother was particularly happy to find an cream and a bath product that were not steroid based, but a natural calming alternative which almost instantly soothed her skin.

Algola founder James Lawson
Algola founder James Lawson

James then started making several batches of his skin repair cream and received great feedback from people all over town and abroad. People loved the product and were using it on a regular basis for their problems.

So James decided that if his family, relatives and friends liked it, then he should make it for everybody else to use and benefit worldwide. Algola was then founded in June 2008.

"The best thing for me is seeing and hearing about people with skin problems being able to manage their problems now with Algola’s seaweed skin care products and having them come up to me and say thank you for helping them, their family members and their friends".

Algola is now proud to bring you a small range of natural and organic containing seaweed containing skin care products which we hope you too will benefit from like we all have.

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